"The best time to exercise was yesterday, the next best time is today." - CDW

Corey Dee doesn’t like to refer to himself as just a personal trainer. His unique approach to helping people improve their health goes beyond typical personal training. “I'm a proactive problem solver. I don’t believe in simply going through the motions. If you’re having trouble reaching your goal, we’ll work together to address the reasons why, and solve the problem."

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Fitness Lifestyle Coaching

Corey Dee is dedicated to helping you create lasting lifestyle changes... "Increasing your level of fitness and improving you health not only requires a solid plan, but also quite often requires an attitude adjustment. You not only have to be physically committed, but also mentally connected to the thought that you will succeed!"

About Key2bfit

Corey Dee's Key2bfit program is the result of many years of development. It began with the intention of creating a complete cutting edge fitness and health program unlike any other. "I started out with the idea that I wanted to give people no-nonsense instruction that would provide them with all of the key secrets of a successful fitness program."

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"Huge props and a fat thank you to CDW. I played a 3.5 hour tennis match in the 92 degree heat, 70% humidity without skipping a beat. Never would be where I am if I wasn't working out with you. You're the best..."

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