Fitness Lifestyle Coaching

"Although training is a part of what I do, I never felt that the label 'personal trainer' suited me very well. Over the 19 plus years that I've been helping people, I've realized that so many factors have an effect on one person's ability to succeed over another's. Many times simply training someone doesn't get them there. You have to have an understanding of who they are, and what makes them tick."

Have you ever looked at the fine print at the bottom of an infommercial, or a before and after photo? usually says "Results Not Typical" - you won't see that here. That statement implies that most people will not succeed, when in fact anyone who is physically committed and mentally connected to the idea of succeeding will! These are the unsolicited statements of just a few of the many people that have had the opportunity to work with Corey Dee.

Unbelievable Life Change

“As I approached 50, I had almost given up. I had tried every diet, ordered all sorts of home exercise equipment, gone through four gym memberships, several trainers, weight loss physicians – only to yo-yo (losing a few pounds – gaining more back). When I met Corey, I was skeptical about getting results. Within six months, I had lost almost 70 pounds and, if I must say so myself, looked pretty good in a bikini. Corey is not just a trainer, I have tried those. He really is a LIFESTYLE coach. He just does not give up until he finds what works for you. Key2bfit truly changed my life.”
-Jan M.

Ultra Endurance

"Huge props and a fat thank you to CDW. I played a 3.5 hour tennis match in the 92 degree heat, 70% humidity without skipping a beat. Never would be where I am if I wasn't working out with you. You're the best. Also, have to buy some new clothes this week - my old clothes are literally falling off and I can't get by with them anymore. CDW, I'm your F-A-N!"
-D. McCormick

Consistent Results

"Corey is AWESOME! I want to thank him for training me the last 2 1/2 months. He makes the sessions enjoyable and at the same time challenging as well! I just got my verdict today... I went from 178 lbs down to162 lbs... I went from 24% body fat down to 18% body fat! Awesome results! Down 16 lbs and 6% in body fat! And still counting... I always look forward to our workouts. Thanks again, Corey!"
-W. Chen

Virtual Training

"So I have to say that you are the best trainer I ever had and virtual at that! I lost 23 pounds in about 3 months!!! i am very disciplined and have worked out for years, so all that helps. Your enthusiasm and articles have been invaluable! I added circuit when you posted that, I threw in some oldies, fly’s etc. on the bench that I had forgotten about when you put up a post that mentioned them!"
-S. Riviera

Encouragement and Support

"I consider myself blessed to have received foundational training from a true expert in health and fitness, Corey D. Williams. His wealth of knowledge enlightened me and gave me confidence in knowing I was receiving a total workout experience.  In a friendly and professional environment, Corey's constant encouragement and support inspired me to push towards goals which culminated in results I wouldn't have ever achieved alone. Corey unlocked my potential and opened a better me."
-John C. Fluker