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Corey’s approach to creating your exercise program will be purpose specific. He not only looks at what you want the exercise program to do for you, but also why. Maybe you want to increase your energy level, lose weight, improve your tennis game, enhance your golf game, get ready for a ski trip, or just make getting through your busy day a little easier. Corey takes all aspects of your lifestyle into consideration to create a balanced plan based around making permanent changes. “It’s difficult to be consistent without a plan. To stay mentally connected to your program, you need to experience change.”

Each session pushes you a little closer toward your goal. This is done by keeping detailed records of each workout and gradually increasing the level of difficulty as you progress.

About Corey Dee's Key2bfit Program

What makes Key2bFit different?

Over 19 years went into the development of this extraordinary program. In an ever changing world of fad diets and mixed opinions about what works, Key2bfit cuts through all of the confusion to present a realistic and effective plan for succeeding at being healthy and fit.

In 1991, Corey Dee came up with the unique concept to create personal exercise programs based on Body Type or genetic makeup. Over the next several years, other very complex programs with similar ideas were released. The effectiveness of this approach became apparent, and he began to look for ways to simplify his original concept.

While recovering from heart surgery for tachycardia in 1998, Corey went to work on the production of a no-nonsense total fitness program for the purpose of providing people with simple solutions. He began by painstakingly documenting all of the key factors that contributed to the success of his clients. He would then combine that information with a lifetime of fitness training experience to create a "keep it simple" approach to fitness, weight loss, and health called Key2bFit.

So many of us go to the gym having no idea what exercises we should be doing, or how to combine them effectively. Usually we lose motivation to continue due to a lack of results. Or, maybe we exercise at home using a “one size fits all” video we eventually become bored with. The balance between exercise and nutrition is also important. Some follow a regimented diet plan that lacks flexibility and they're unable to remain dedicated longterm. This comprehensive program brings all of the essential information together, to make it easy to achieve or maintain your desired level of fitness.

Key2bfit will be available soon on in online courses, designed for men or women, according to fitness level and purpose. It includes video segments on Exercise Technique, Cardio Training, Nutritional Balance, Food Labels and more. Also included with this plan are downloadable detailed instructions, logs, nutritional calculators, and all of the key components necessary to unlock your potential and succeed.

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"Huge props and a fat thank you to CDW. I played a 3.5 hour tennis match in the 92 degree heat, 70% humidity without skipping a beat. Never would be where I am if I wasn't working out with you. You're the best..."

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